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To Santa Marta

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On Monday we got our bus to Santa Marta. the journey took about 4 hours to get there, which was no too bad. However, once we landed in santa marta, it was not quite what we had hoped. the place was quite frankly, yet another dump. and the place where we stayed for the first 2 nights was located on a street swimming in sewage.

We soon moved on to another hotel just down the road, away from the sewage, but with the added bonus d 2 very pervy hoetl staff. Colombian men are very pervy, and i have to say, it gets very tiring. I am close to reachin breaking point with them. the constant yelling at you, staring at you whistling, ´hello baby´´ and hissing is getting on my wick!

On Thursday, we were heading to the supermarket when it started to rain. we ran into the supermarket, and figured the rain would clear soon. How wrong we were, it thumped it down for ages, and for quite a while we hung around the supermarket, hoping it may eventually end. finally we gave up and realised the rain was not going to stop anytime soon, so we made a run for the nearest shelter. once out and soaked to the bone within seconds, we tried to head back to our hotel. only the whole town was flooded knee deep in water, mud, sewage, bugs the lot. and we had to walk all the way back in it. All was not good either, beacuse i have lost so much weight, my size 2 shorts were falling down by my knees, so i had to keep scooping them up, whoilst hearing lots of jeers, whistles and whoops from the sleazy local men. it was a bit like some kind of action thriller movie, the rian puming down on us, flipflops floating under us and the fear that we may get somekind of toxic poisoning from all the sewage floating around us. never the less, we made it back, exceedingly wet and smelly and had a shower as quickly as possible, scrubbing our legs with soap as best we could. BTW Santa Marta does not know of a thing called hot water, so even after scrubbing ourselves silly, you still never really feel clean.

We were expecting much more from Santa marta beach also, which to be honest is one of the ugliest beaches i have come across. the sand is black with what appears to e sewage, and to even go near the beach as 2 white girls, is a no no, as the men just head straight to you. so no beach time here.

The place stinks of sewage, one street the stewage just sits there like a motionless lake, and the locals sit outside, eating and drinking breathing in the smell and looking at it all day.


We went to the Parque Nacional Tayrona on Saturday, whic judging from our guidebooks would be a total highlight for the trip. however it turned out to be quite the opposite. I wouldn´t say it was bad, just not worth all the fuss, or the money. The day cost about 20 pounds, and our driver was not only late, but at the nd of the day he never turned up, so we had a ´loveñy hour long walk in near darkness down a seclued road in the jungle. to say i was a little scared was an unertatement. when we finally reache the end, we had to get a bus back to town and dropped off in the most stinkiest maret ever.

Anyways back to the day in the park, the main hghlight was when we heard a loud thump on our taxi and looked roun to see a massive lizzard, iguana type creature just toddling along the road. I named him Sid, he looked like a Sid!


on another note, i weirdly i got mistaken for a colombian local....

after that we had to walk for about an hpour through the jungle, i was covere in mud afterwards, before finally making it to the supposed most beautiful beaches ever. they were not by the way. not bad, but not fab!


On the way back, i saw monkeys though. that was cool! hehe and of course, me being me fell utt first into some very gooey, mud! what joy!

We are lookng to go to a little fishing village called Taganaga this next week, before eading bac to Cartagena where we will visit the Isla Del Rosario, before taking a flight to BOGOTA! WOO!

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