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Santa Marta to Cartagena to Bogota...

sunny 40 °C

So on Friday we headed back to Cartagena, ready to have a chilled out weekend before our flight to Bogota on Monday.

We packed opur bags up and headed to the bus station, got on a bus and away we went. There was onemajor issue with the bus, and usually i would never complain, its just that it took me by complete surprise. the air con was on full whack the whole way back and i was wearing a bikini top, vest top and a lil skirt. it was FREEZING. my fingers went blue, and on top of that the bus ride ened up being 2 hours longer than it was supposed to. The weather the whole day looked rainy and stormy, so with the air con on, i had a real feeling of being back home on a winters day. only when we finally emerged from th bus, it was tipping it down, but it waslik stepping in an oven. very strange feeling. also, someone had very strange smeeling baggage near my bag in the boot, as now my bag stinks of rotten fish! eurrrgghh!

still i grabbed my stinky bag and went to find a local bus to take us to the centre of cartagena. This bus got slowly packed and i was trapped with all my bags and a girl who decided to sit with her legs wide open, so as to give me even less space. ontop of that, my legs started to go dead and i couldnt help but sort of spasm and kick my legs about to ge them working.

Soon we were dumped off the bus and somhow managed to find our way back to our hostel, which had lost our booking, and therefore stuck us in one room for the night and then made us change rooms at 2pm the next day. which meant saturday was a wasted day as we had to hang around until 2pm, and thn, of course, it startd to rain.

Suanda finally came, and this sunday we were both pitufully eager about, as it was inbetweeners day on tv, ad we had planned to stay in and just watch that. very sad, but i really have seen all of cartagena now, and rainy cartagena aint all that.

But what do you think happened, on a aunday, seems like the ony day the lazy locals decide to do something, and a truck came down our street with a guy fiddling with all the wires over th building. what happened...a powercut, which lasted 5 hours, until 8pm! we were livid, as it was scorching hot, rainy, and we had nothing to do but sit in our slowly darkeing room and wait. thank goodness the electricity finally came on, or th staff and like would have had 2 very angry girls facing them the next day.

Today, we have strolled about, and not much else, as we have our flight tonight at 9pm. very excited about moving on, feels like we are no longer just sitting abou, and actually have productive things to do again. fingers crossed my bags get through okay, as its chilly in Bogota, and im still wearing my bikini and shorts!


So we got to the airport and everything was fine, whizzed through security and found a place that sold pasties and ate 2. yum yum..
Thne our flight was not coming up on the screen, and i was starting to panic, running around asking random airline staff where our flight was. haha

eventuallyit came,and we were only 5 mins late departing Cartagena.

There was a storm under us, and behind us the whole journey, whgich was atfirst amazing, it waslike some vreaky light show that lit up the whole sjy below us and caused amazing shapoes in the sky vecause of the clouds, the buildings and the water. it was truly out of this world, and loads of fork lighning. scary stuff.

Then it started getting scary, the lights on our plane went off, the cabin crew were told to sit and belt up the whole journey and the turbulence gave me a headache worse than a hangover. it was oainful, and i had my fingerscrossed for most of the flight, hoping, praying we would be okay.

well, as you can guess, we landed and got rhought to baggage nice and easy, got our taxi and arrived atour hostel roght on que. phew.

Posted by Lisaann 15:03 Archived in Colombia

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