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Onto Ecuador - Cuenca


we had booked a bus to take us all the way from Mancora to Tumbes, to the border to check out of Peru, to then go into Ecuador and check in and to take us to Cuenca, back into the mountains. all this was to be as smooth as it could possibly be, as the bus was to drive us the whole way.

Now although i must stress, it was not the most horrific journey, it was not quite as smooth as one would have hoped.

Firstly, we arrived at our bus stop right on schedule. to wait a bit and then for someone to tell us to get into a tuk tuk as our bus was waiting for us elsewhere.hmmm... so we drove up the road....and back to our stop. when i asked what the point of our little tuk tuk ride was, the guy just said he was confused. helpful!

Then we got shued over to a minivan and left for about 15 mins while they tried to hola more ppl into the van. the joy. the minivan was to take us to Tumbes. and it did, at a nice speed of about 100mph, along bumps and dirt tracks. weirdly i quite enjoyed the ride.

Once we arrived in Tumbes we were ushered out of the van and the guy told us he would take us to our bus. he grabbed fionas bag and in a manly fashion carried it up the road on his shoulder. (its a rucksack for crying out loud - the straps are there for a reason..)

we got in a taxi, a car that can only be describd as a tin can cellotaped together.

this taxi took us all the way to the border where we got stamped out of Peru (woohooo, so glad to be out of Peru!!! you have no idea.)

to then get back in the taxi and drive to the very last inch of peru. to then change taxi and ride to the immigtaion office to get stamped in. once all this was finally done, they took us back to the border and said we could either wait a few hours for our supposed bus to Cuenca, or pay a few dollars for another to cuenca leaving right then. we took the latter option, feeling a bit ripped off, but whats a few dollars between friends

Finally on our bus to Cuenca, we had pick of the seats for a goof 4-5 hours until the bus became overloaded and they were taking ppl on, even though there were no seats left.

At around 9pm, we arrived in Cuenca, which i have to say is really rather lovely. shame its raining, but i´ll take that, its not a dump!there is no smell of wee on the streets, and everything here seems so much more cared for and cleaner, the people even look like they wash!!!!




Off to Quito early tomorrow morning! yay

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Well the bus ride again was so so, i´m getting used to these now. (but i will never step foot on a bus ever again after this trip, i swear!!!!)

the bus stopped in Mancora at 4:50am. what joy and we had a whale of a time trying to find somewhere to stay. our 6th try was hoetl California, right on the beach and very basic. cold shower, mozzie net galore! for a whopping 17 pound each for a night. we sucked it up and went to bed.

Mancora..recommened in the book as a sort of white beached paradise that surfers and the like flocked to. sure they flocked. but the beach was like any other beach. no paradise. But i guess i should not moan too much. the weather is great, and there is a somewhat chilled out vibe to be had. however, cartagena baby, thats my beach resort!


On our day in Mancora, we bumped into some old chums. these chums included the freaky crusty vampires from our bus to Cusco. on a beach dressed fully in black (the point???) and Kristin, our fun very rude american friend from Cusco, magico hostel. she was in Mancora with her peruvian bf who she feared would stray with one of us. honestly dear, you can keep him. he literally came up to her shoulder. it was like looking at sister and her much younger, much more tanned brother. euuwwww!!!!!

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The bus ride was pretty standard to Trujillo. we watched a film dubbed in spanish, but this time it had english sub titles. it was a bout a jewish family during the war, and was actually really enjoyable.

Once in Trujiilo, the weather was no better than in Lima, cloudy, but warm. we walked around with our backpacks for a bit, before evetually finding a hotel. it cost 9 pounds a night, which was quite steep for our budget, but we took it as it had private bathroom, hot water and tv. what fun.


We were still flu infested at this time, so we decided that Trujillo, like Lima would be a place to rest up, as there really was not much in the town to see. so we bough snacks and watched Charmed, playboy mansion and the inbetweeners.2 days of that. we must have been ill. although the inbetweeners was very enjobable. oh how i miss the brits right now.

Bus to Mancora next..whoop dee doo...

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hhhmmmmmm.... Lima

I'm so terribly sorry Lima, but i could not be bothered with you! I never saw, even though i was with you for 6 whole days - how will i live with myself?

so the first image of Lima was etting off the bus.

Tire, stinky, puke covered and dam right flu infested. we carried our bags around the very busy, very dodg streets of lima. tring to find a hostel.

ahhh... we saw one in the distance. we ran...no walked. heavy bags!

we got there to meet a man who foun us extremely amusing. we asked for a dos camas room. he gave us a key to a single room! hahaha

so we asked again. he gave us a double bed! ho ho ho

seriously, it was wearin thin.

finally, after much giggles with his friends, who he had called to come laugh at us in spanish, we found a 2 bed room. but we were off. SEE YA LOSERS

Finally got a room for the night in a place called Familia Rodriguez. The place was warm, and a cosy bed. all i wanted. It was ran by an old couple. and it reminded me of a religious family home/apartment in New York. strangly comforting. But alas - cold showers. so were were off the next day.

TO A PLACE CALLED HAPY UP HERE. run by Joanna (from Poland) and Jeremy. tey et travelling. and now she is stuck here, missing europe! aint love sweet! NOT!
The hostel had everything we needed, hot water, bed, supermarket ound the corner, pharmacy, dawsons creek.


Fionas friend Noelle met us for a night and day, so we just chilled whilst still trying to shift tis lu bug. its gettin ridic now!

all in all, te Lima i have seen is quite nice in my congested haze. alot better than the real one! haha, which is misty and just polluted and dodge.

Off to Trujillo next and then t Mancora (beach resort) before we head into Ecuador. CAN'T WAIT!!!


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Te bus to Nazca...errrr to Lima


A ver weird thing happened. As we sat in the bs station, both riddled wit a flu bug contacted at the ord Magic hostel,we were thinking, oh how i wish i could jst be n Lima, to rest p for few days, instead of hopping on and off buses to see little sites, that te moment, i am just no fussed at all to see....

so the lady at the bus station took us to our bus and ade a run for it. and boy did t confusion begin. Our tickets said Lima, and so did our luggage! what the hell?????????

So erm, we went to Lima.

After what can only be described as a rollercoaster journey. e road for approx 12 hours was hair pin bends goin up and down mountains as we got back to sea level. no sleep, as we slid and slided around th bus, plus i was completely congestd wit flu. like a puking zombie! euurrrgghh!

When we fianlly ot to Lima, we had to wait 2 hours as te bus stoppped and starte through non stop traffic.

22 hours atfter leaving Cusco - we were in Lima! whoop tee dooo!!!!!

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