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South America

So the day came and went for my first round of jabs! OWWWW!!!

Had them on monday evening, and only now have I managed to get my arms moving 50%. The nurse told me just before that she would put the tetanus and polio jab in my left arm as that was the more painful, as I sat there, I thought, 'hey this is alright, I don't feel a thing..and this is worst?! woo hoo!' How wrong I was! Somehow it all went downhill from there, the other arm.... I felt everything (my arm still tingles from the thought of it!) and that arm was the worst up until about 9pm on monday night, then all changed. Even having my t-shirt resting on my arms hurt. I had to sleep like a mummy, straight up and down, no tossing and turning permitted..and yet thats all I wanted to do!

Luckily time has passed and I hopefully will be getting a good nights sleep tonight. I can now lift my right arm above my head, amd my left arm half way.. things are on the up! hehe

They are still a little tender, but I am confident they will be ready and waiting for the next batch on monday next week! Oh joy!

Just got Typhoid, Hep A&B round 2 & 3 and yellow fever to go! Can't bleeding wait! woohoo

SA better be worth it!! in fact, I'm certain it will be :)

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South America

Less than 2 months to go!

Yippeee, time is certainly flying, and very soon I will be off on my travels to South America. Nextt week I get the first batch of immunisation shots - I'm pretty certain then, things will start to hit home and I will finally come too and realise I really am going!

So much to do, so little time!

Please keep tuned in here for my travels updates. I will be adding pics as i go and some information about my excurstions, so please feel free to comment, or just say hi as you read through.

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